Churup Mountain Lodge

Step into the wilderness


Our privileged location allows guests to step out of the front door of the hotel, straight into the wilderness and natural beauty of the Cordillera Blanca. With a range of trekking options suitable for different ages and levels of fitness, it is likely that you won’t see another soul on your hike and be able to enjoy nature exactly as intended.


  • From Lodge 7hrs / From Trailhead 5hrs
  • From Lodge 14.8K / From Trailhead 5.4K
  • Moderate – Hard
  • 815 metres

Lake Churup is one of the region’s most mind-blowing treks offering unprecedented views of snow-capped peaks. Head up a steep single-track trail & marvel at the increasingly impressive views of the Cordillera Negra, before you tackle a challenging scramble up past a waterfall to arrive at a surreal aqua-marine coloured lake. As a challenging walk with varied terrain, the reward at the end of this trek, makes all the effort worthwhile.


  • From Lodge 2-3hrs
  • 5K
  • Easy
  • 300 metres

The riverside walks consist of two different routes, passing through a small pine forest, large rock boulders and field where you will get impressive views of the mountains and Cojup Valley. Leaving directly from the front door of the lodge, the walks are easy going making them a perfect choice for those who have recently arrived or wishing to acclimatise.


  • From Lodge 1.5 - 2hrs
  • 3K
  • Easy

This short walk takes you down the hill towards the local towns and rural communities, giving an insight into Andean life. Leaving the lodge follow the road downhill to the right, and after 500m cross the small stream. Here you will find a path that takes you through a small pine tree forest, crossing a field that cuts over the main road twice. Then you will find the first Adobe houses, before continuing on the path towards the main square at Llupa. This walk is ideal for those wishing to acclimatise, but please note that all of the return walk is up hill.

LAKE LLACA - 4474m

  • From Lodge 8-10hrs / From Trailhead 4hrs
  • From Lodge 28K / From Trailhead 6.8K
  • Moderate
  • 800 metres

Quebrada Llaca is a steep walled valley with a beautiful aqua-marine coloured glacial lake as the reward at the end. As you head into the valley, admire the impressive views of Mt. Ranrapalca (6162m) that towers above the laguna and the glacial stream that meanders through the green meadows below.


  • From Lodge 8-10hrs / From Trailhead 7-9hrs
  • From Lodge 30K / From Trailhead 22K
  • Easy but long
  • 816 metres

Quebrada Cojup is a very long and beautiful valley that requires a good set of legs to endure the lengthy approach. If you are up to the challenge, head to the very end of the valley where you will arrive at the iconic Lake Palcacocha. Alternatively, head part way into the valley and relish the views of Palcaraju and Pucaranra before tucking into your picnic lunch.


  • From Lodge 7-9hrs / From Trailhead 5-7hrs
  • From Lodge 26K / From Trailhead 18K
  • Moderate
  • 560 metres

Head into the narrow vertiginous Shallap Valley, and begin your days adventure to the emerald green coloured lake, that is hemmed in by many quenuale trees. Due to its remote location, the route is less frequented by travellers, allowing trekkers to enjoy the freedom and beauty of the untouched landscape with prominent sights of Mt. San Juan and Mt. Huantsan.


  • From Lodge 6-8hrs / From Trailhead 3-5hrs
  • From Lodge 28.6K / From Trailhead 14.2K
  • Easy
  • 339 metres

Head into the Quilcayhuanca valley for an easy and flat walk, marveling at the spectacular views of 3 impressive snow-capped peaks with the highlight being Andavite. Along the way, expect to cross paths with wild horses, foxes and Peru’s indigenous rabbits – viscachas. During rainy season (December – March) this trek is often water logged, so we do not recommend doing this walk.

TREKKING Recommendations

To make sure you get the most of your trekking activity, we recommend that you read the following recommendations. It's not uncommon that you will experience 4 different weather seasons in one day, in this part of Peru - come prepared!

Acclimatisation Tips
  • If arriving directly from sea level & have not been to altitude in the last 2 weeks, it is recommended that you do very light or no physical exercise on your first day.
  • If you have ever experienced problems at altitude before or have a relevant medical condition, we strongly recommend that you seek medical advice before arriving.
  • Whilst at the hotel it is imperative that you are fully hydrated and take on plenty of water especially upon arrival. Symptoms of dehydration include lethargy, dizziness & low/coloured urine output.
  • To help with altitude sickness you can ask your doctor to prescribe you Diamox pills. If in Peru you can buy Sorochi pills, which are sold over the counter in any pharmacy. These pills often only help to mask the symptoms of altitude sickness, they are not a cure.
  • In the case of emergency we have bottled oxygen at the hotel.
Kit List
  • 2 x Wool liner socks
  • 2 x Wool trekking socks
  • 1 x Trekking boots
  • 1 x Long johns
  • 1 x Trekking trousers
  • 2 x Long sleeve tops with high collar
  • 1 x Lightweight fleece
  • 1 x Waterproof jacket with hood
  • 1 x Waterproof trousers
  • 1 x Warm wool/fleece hat & gloves
  • 1 x Wide brimmed hat
  • Sunscreen
  • 2 litres water min


Close to the hotel there are many large rock boulders, that provide a varying degree of levels to challenge climbers. If you so wish to head out and explore the climbing routes please ask at the lodge for further information.